For a lot of high net worth individuals, business owners, and families, hiring the services of a wealth manager is a critical step in the safekeeping, management, and enhancement of their financial portfolio. In its most basic definition, wealth management is a service provided by a licensed or certified professional trained in the area of finance and/or investment. The job of a wealth manager is to provide the client with inputs about the financial services that he or she may need in order to meet their financial or investment goals.

In other words, a wealth manager isn’t an investment strategist per se; but rather, an advisor or consultant that can put together a team of financial experts to address the client’s specific needs. Where a high net worth individual or business owner may have a need to diversify their investment portfolio, or need help with taxes, accounting, or estate planning, the wealth manager will be the one to coordinate with the professionals that specialize in those fields. The client will no longer have to be the one to find the appropriate professional assistance, because the wealth manager can do that for them.

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