Grace Jackson: The Importance of Creating Work-Life Balance

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Spending more hours at work may help you move up the corporate ladder, help you expand your business, make more money, or live the kind of lavish lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of; but at the end of the day, do you feel happy and fulfilled?

As a senior executive and private wealth manager, Grace Jackson has spent more time at work than she cares to remember. Sooner or later, the consequences of spending more time at work and neglecting your personal life will eventually catch-up with you; more specifically, on your health. This is why Grace makes it a point to relax after a day’s work. Reading a book while listening to music is her favorite relaxation technique.

Taking a cue from Grace, creating a work-life balance doesn’t mean spending on a vacation to relax and de-stress. While a holiday away from work is definitely good for you, it’s not the most cost-effective solution for a better work-life balance. A vacation out of town or out of the country is good once in awhile, but for everyday relaxation, this just won’t do. Planning a vacation can be stressful too!

Simply make a conscious effort to do something uplifting for you—for your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga, meditation, or simply listening to soothing music at the end of each day can already work wonders on your mental and physical health.

Also, try to create that work-life balance on a daily basis, and be flexible about it. Your schedule may not be the same tomorrow and this means that you either have more time for you or less time to do all your relaxation techniques at once. Just make sure that you do something for you each day—and allocate ample time for it too.

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