Grace Jackson suntrust: What to Expect in Product Development

In today’s business world, things seem to be changing at breakneck speeds particular in the area of technology. This undoubtedly has a bearing on one important aspect of any company that offers goods: product development. Business expert Grace Jackson suntrust highlights some of the biggest trends taking place this year in the area of product development.

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Data, Data, Data

We are currently in a massive data age. Business leaders no longer have to worry about whether they can measure or track something; now, their quandary is which metrics they need to care about. Before making any decisions related to product development, it is critical that you support your decisions with data. Once you execute these decisions, you can use the data to demonstrate why your decisions were correct, and the data can be used for making future decisions as well. Using data offers your best chance of improving your organization’s products in a sustainable way.

The Customer

Another important business trend related to product development is a newfound focus on the customer. Instead of focusing on how customers can use a product, leaders are taking time to interact with customers one-on-one and essentially get in their heads to find out what they are attempting to accomplish with the product and how the product could provide them with lifetime value. Talking to customers and listening to them is becoming an increasingly important part of the process of developing new products.

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No More Hiding

In many contemporary industry leaders’ minds, surprises are overrated. For this reason, you will see fewer companies hosting events where they do big reveals that allow them to display their latest gadgets. Instead, they are being transparent with their customers, telling them exactly what they are developing and when these products will be delivered. This gives customers the chance to provide feedback on the products to come, and some of this feedback may be helpful for addressing areas that the product creators have overlooked.

Grace Jackson suntrust: Leadership Trends for 2017

Without leadership and vision, an organization will perish. Many business leaders know this, but they may not necessarily know how exactly to lead: What really makes a good leader? Complicating matters is the fact that leadership is a moving target; what leadership looked like five years ago may not be relevant today. Here are some of the newest trends in leadership this year, according to leadership and business expert Grace Jackson suntrust.

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Human Capital Investment

One of the biggest leadership trends this year is investing more in human capital. Smart industry leaders are capitalizing on America’s millennial population of workers, being that they make up the largest percentage of today’s workforce, and they are doing this by offering professional development opportunities. Millennials generally seek personal development, which is why offering mentorship opportunities in the workplace is a wise move.

Team Focus

Business performance has been shown to be driven by team performance, but an increasing number of leaders are just now realizing that dividing businesses into functional areas of expertise, also known as silos, is not helpful for promoting the type of panoramic understanding that workers require to make the right decisions. For this reason, more attention is being given this year to knowledge sharing among business functions, also known as cross-pollination. It was once an added bonus in the workplace, but it is now becoming a must-have for helping a business to stay competitive.

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Personalized Learning

Learning has long been promoted in the organization, but in the past, continuing education and training courses were always created for the masses in a one-size-fits-all approach. However, thanks to technology, personalized learning is taking center stage. This means learning can be catered to and optimized for a learner’s specific style, goals, pace, and interests. Rather than sitting through a long company course that takes 30 or 60 minutes to complete, employees can complete small learning segments that are between one and three minutes long, which are less overwhelming.

Grace Jackson suntrust: Is Credit Risk Management Really Needed?

No risk, no reward, according to the old adage. Although this may be true, it does not mean you should simply throw all caution to the wind in life, especially when it comes to your financial institution’s bottom line. Credit risk is an important part of keeping your business in the black and staying ahead of the competition, according to finance and banking expert Grace Jackson suntrust.

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What is Credit Risk?

When you look at credit risk, you are looking at how likely you are to experience loss because a borrower fails to make payments on a certain type of debt. The purpose of credit risk management is to mitigate your losses through understanding how adequate your financial institution’s loan loss reserves and capital are at any moment. This is a process that has remained challenging for banks and other types of financial institutions around the world.

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Why Does Credit Risk Matter?

Credit risk management is essential because through it, you can meet established regulatory credit risk requirements. In addition, you can surpass the requirements and enhance your business through the use of credit risk models.

The financial crisis around the globe, which led to a credit crunch, has drawn increasing amounts of attention to the management of credit risk. Regulators are therefore demanding greater transparency to ensure that banking institutions truly known their customers and the credit risk associated with them. Many banks are zeroing in how to comply with these stricter regulatory requirements and absorb the greater capital costs associated with credit risk, but this short-sighted approach is not enough. Through improved credit risk management, you have the opportunity not only to meet established requirements but also to immensely improve your business’s overall performance and to secure that competitive advantage you have always sought to attain in today’s competitive business world.

Grace Jackson suntrust: Why is Wealth Management Necessary?

When the term “high net-worth individual” comes to mind, there is a common tendency to think that these individuals have no problems as they live lives of luxury. However, in s, having a large amount of wealth is far from being a status that is carefree, according to wealth management expert Grace Jackson. When you own wealth, you also need to take great care of it: That is where wealth management comes into play.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is not to be confused with investment management, which generally involves choosing the best exchange-traded funds, bonds, mutual funds, and stocks. Wealth management is about realizing your priorities and being proactive about your retirement planning, which may include having your investment profile changed and updated based on your age. For instance, the older you get, the more you should be moved into investments that are more stable.

If you have developed a large amount of wealth, you likely initially pursued it for a certain reason: for instance, to enjoy financial stability and security, to start a business, or to take care of your children. Wealth management allows you to continue to be proactive and purposeful with your wealth after you have attained it. Through counseling on how to tackle debts, the proper investment advice, or even help with taxes, having a wealth manager in your corner can help your vision to become a reality.

Why is Wealth Management so Critical Today?

The answer to this question can be found in one of the most exciting yet simultaneously scariest terms an adult could utter: retirement. Retiring is a wonderful experience only if you feel financially prepared for it. The cost of living continues to rise, and since you do not know how long you will live, determining how much wealth you need for your golden years can seem like an impossible feat. Through wealth management, however, you can increase your chances of being prepared for the unexpected in your latter years and truly live the remainder of your life to the fullest.

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Grace Jackson: The Importance of Creating Work-Life Balance

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Spending more hours at work may help you move up the corporate ladder, help you expand your business, make more money, or live the kind of lavish lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of; but at the end of the day, do you feel happy and fulfilled?

As a senior executive and private wealth manager, Grace Jackson has spent more time at work than she cares to remember. Sooner or later, the consequences of spending more time at work and neglecting your personal life will eventually catch-up with you; more specifically, on your health. This is why Grace makes it a point to relax after a day’s work. Reading a book while listening to music is her favorite relaxation technique.

Taking a cue from Grace, creating a work-life balance doesn’t mean spending on a vacation to relax and de-stress. While a holiday away from work is definitely good for you, it’s not the most cost-effective solution for a better work-life balance. A vacation out of town or out of the country is good once in awhile, but for everyday relaxation, this just won’t do. Planning a vacation can be stressful too!

Simply make a conscious effort to do something uplifting for you—for your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga, meditation, or simply listening to soothing music at the end of each day can already work wonders on your mental and physical health.

Also, try to create that work-life balance on a daily basis, and be flexible about it. Your schedule may not be the same tomorrow and this means that you either have more time for you or less time to do all your relaxation techniques at once. Just make sure that you do something for you each day—and allocate ample time for it too.

Do you have relaxation techniques you wish to share? Please feel free to let Grace Jackson suntrust know through this blog page.